Southwestern Cuisine

Southwestern Cuisine

southwestern and mexican foodVisitors to the Southwest are struck by the natural beauty of the landscape and open spaces which change day to day, and season to season.  The southwest is also home to many different cultures as well, and these traditions have fused over time to bring forth the unique and vibrant sense of place and history.  Nowhere is this mixture of cultures expressed more directly than in the cuisine of the Southwest, a fusion Margaret’s Cantina has sought to achieve since its founding.

The cuisine of the Southwest reflects the various cultures from which it was born. It combines the traditional recipes of early Spanish settlers, the native American tribes as well as Mexican food derived from many Central and South American countries.  Over the years these traditional recipes have been combined and enhanced in surprising and flavorful ways.

Southwestern cuisine is known for its use of spices, particularly Chile peppers, and each area of the southwest supplies its own unique style to the cuisine known as “Southwest”.  In New Mexico the food is heavily influenced by the use of red and green Chile and is also chile pepperspopular in Colorado and Utah.  The Texas version of southwestern cuisine is sometimes called Tex-Mex, while Arizona’s contribution is called Sonoran.

Regardless of the specific cultural source, Margaret’s Cantina strives to bring these traditional recipes to The Triangle, and has been doing so for the past 25 years.  Lundy’s famous rotisserie chicken — the fresh, juicy rotisserie roasted chicken is perfectly seasoned, finished on the grill, and served with a wide selection of sauces and sides.  Sides range from Southwestern grits or Spanish brown rice to black beans or garlic-sauteed greens.  Catfish — served with a mouthwatering pineapple mango salsa and fired plantains.

We believe that we all want to Live Well and Eat Well.  Margaret’s Cantina provides fresh, healthy Southwestern fare in a warm and welcoming setting. Margaret’s cuisine using fresh, seasonal local produce and ingredients, including many vegetarian options.  The guacamole and NC sweet potato chips with a chile mayo are a perfect beginning to a meal, especially when paired with a made to order saladMargarita made with fresh squeezed limes.  The sopas, southwest grits, Caesar salad and grilled salmon are excellent, especially chicken chowder and traditional posole.  Tacos, burritos, quesadillas and enchiladas come with your choice of protein, including tempeh.

Because our dishes are make in-house from wholesome ingredient, you can make pleasurable and healthy choices.  You’ll find extensive vegetarian and vegan selections.  Most vegetarian dishes can be made without dairy products.  We also offer gluten-free dishes.  All desserts, including ice cream, grandma Lundy’s chocolate & vegan cake and Mexican cuisine classic flan are made in-house.

We are thankful for having been a part of this wonderful community of caring people for 25 years.  We couldn’t have done it without YOU!!