About Us


Our Story

Margaret’s Cantina began as “Chick It Out”. Name was changed to Margaret’s Cantina in 1992. For the past 29 years, Margaret’s Cantina has served original, authentic Southwestern cuisine. Margaret’s has become an institution in the town of Chapel Hill and an early pioneer and leader in the “buy local” movement. Founder Margaret Lundy grew up in the Southwest and her recipes are still in use today.

Margaret’s Cantina also has a cozy bar and welcomes patrons to sample beer from national and international breweries as well as many local microbreweries.  Margaret’s signature drink is a homemade Margarita which has been recognized as one of the Best in the Triangle.  Rare as well are the desserts, each one crafted by hand from the original recipe.

Over the years, Margaret’s has become more than just a unique restaurant where “the South meets the Southwest.”  In addition, Margaret’s Cantina has become a place for friends  to gather and to celebrate the rich culture of the Southwest and to appreciate the wholesome freshness of locally grown, seasonal produce and meat.

New owner Young Fenton has continued the tradition started by Margaret Lundy, with the same commitment to authenticity and quality.  In honor of Margaret Lundy, Young sponsors a Parkinson’s Disease awareness, Monday & Tuesday, with 10% of the proceeds going to the Parkinson’s Research Centers of UNC and Duke.

The traditions begun by Margaret Lundy 29 years ago continue still.  Margaret’s Cantina reflects the best of local, seasonal, North Carolina products combined with authentic Southwestern tastes.

Come to Chapel Hill at 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd to enjoy our warm, friendly atmosphere and taste the best Southwestern food in the South.